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2014: Macbeth

We are celebrating our 14th Season with a production of Shakespeare’s MACBETH


CONGRESS PARK, Saratoga Springs, NY
Tuesday-Saturday July 15 – 19 and 22-26 at 6 pm

Sunday, July 20 and 27 at 3 pm
“Something wicked this way comes.”

Join us as we present one of the greatest tragedies ever written, Shakespeare’s MACBETH as it explores the dark side of ambition, greed, and guilt.

In a world where the unspeakable crimes of Walter White, Tony Soprano, and a host of other antiheroes rule our television screens, Macbeth is certainly as timely as ever. Macbeth shows us how easy it is to fall into the trap of committing crimes for the sake of our ambitions. In Macbeth’s case, the crime is regicide, but director David Girard’s fast paced production makes the themes relevant and Shakespeare’s poetry vivid and accessible.

Tim Dugan stars as Macbeth, a man who struggles with whether to act on prophecies or dismiss them as evil and superstition. While he knows that evil is not his true nature, he is driven, partly by Lady Macbeth (Amy Prothro) and partly by his own desires, to transgress against nature in pursuit of the crown. As Girard writes, “There seems to be no end to the paths Macbeth chooses in his devolution into a black oblivion. And we follow him with bated breath, because he is, or was, our hero at the very beginning of the play.”

For more information about the play, please read SSC President and Dramaturg Jay Rogoff’s library lecture available here: Whodunnit? An Introduction to Macbeth.