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REVIEW: Bob Goepfort on WAMC

At the top of the conventional wisdom list is the assumption that if you do a play of William Shakespeare in an outdoor setting, you must choose a comedy or a romance. Under no circumstance should you do a tragedy outside.

Saratoga Shakespeare Co. proves that theory wrong. The company is offering a terrific production of “Macbeth” in Saratoga’s Congress Park that is as riveting as it is compelling. This is a first-rate production of a very difficult play that continues through July 27. It’s being offered free, but it is so good you might feel guilty if you don’t drop something in the donation basket at show’s end.

This effort does not attempt to break new ground showing why the trusted Macbeth turns traitor and murders his king to become ruler of Scotland.  Indeed, it becomes obvious as to why he kills off everyone he sees as a threat to his tyrannical reign.

Rather than search for motivations that really don’t exist in the text, the performers instead create characters who behave in logical ways when temptation, revenge or lust dictates a course of action. Listen to the full broadcast.